Having a degree and a job doesn’t mean you have your sh*t together…

I graduated from college exactly 1 year and 15 days ago. I attended Middle Tennessee State University just outside of Nashville and graduated with a Mass Communications degree. Man, was that a long,solid 5+ years. I mean, I really busted my ass. Then graduation came and when…and here I am, still riding on the Struggle Bus.

It’s Currently 4:05 p.m. here in Nashville. I work at a large digital marketing company where I make $12 and hour (keep in mind I paid $47,000 for school). I sit at a computer all day where I manage projects for large scale automotive email campaigns. Seriously, the best parts of this job are the free Diet Cokes in the fridge and my view of downtown Nashville/ Broadway. Let’s be honest, there’s about 25-30 times a day where I look out the window and think, “why the fuck am I here? I hate this job”.

Like the other thousands of students at MTSU, and Belmont, I planned on working in the music business here in town. And I should be…I busted my ass in school and my internships.But unfortunately that’s not how things have panned out. I only know a handful of people from school that actually landed Music Biz jobs…and they make less than I do. So at 26, I have a job that I hate, can’t manage to even get an interview for the positions i want, and have to work 3 jobs to survive.

I used to work one job, as a server. And I bitched about how I hated people and couldn’t wait to have a real job (by real i meant one with insurance and weekends off and vacay).Now, I think I’m willing to go back to serving for $2.14 an hour. At least I made more than I do here and got to interact with people all day. Fuck this cubicle shit. seriously. don’t do it. unless you’re the HBIC, then, get it!

So, needless to say, I really don’t feel like I have my shit together.

But who really does in their 20’s?